Management accounting. Integrating basic concepts and meaning

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The business and societal environment has dramatically changed over the past two decades. The accountant is not more a bookkeeper but a business partner in creating both economic and societal value. Being grounded in operational reality and employing leading edge methods needed for the organizational success, management accounting is at the heart of accounting profession today. This book is your guide through the challenges in understanding this fascinating field of accounting and this profession.

Assumptions About This Book’s Audience
Management Accounting: Integrating Basic Concepts and Meaning is intended primarily for the undergraduate (BSc) core course in management accounting. It could be used in MSc programs, for students whose undergraduate work did not include a management accounting course. It also could be used by students who are preparing for the management accounting examinations of the professional accountancy bodies at the foundation professional level. A course in financial accounting is a desirable but not obligatory preparation. The aim of the second edition of this book is to provide an understanding of the basic concepts of management accounting in a clear, understandable, and integrative fashion. A balance of readability and factual soundness is pursued following Einstein’s “make it as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Since these concepts are inseparably interrelated as well as related to other areas of accounting and finance, I emphasize such interrelationships throughout. Great care is exercised to spell out the logic of each model or method and walk the student through realistic illustrative examples emphasizing the practical relevance of theory to management accounting practice.


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