Macroeconomics. Study Guide

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This study guide is intended to help students who are studying Macroeconomics at the introductory level at the University of National and World Economy, as well as other higher education institutions teaching similar programs. The contents of the study guide are in line with those of the world’s leading textbooks in this field and can serve to test and deepen the acquired knowledge. It is fully consistent with the Macroeconomics syllabus at the University of National and World Economy.
Although macroeconomics may sometimes be challenging, we hope to make it much easier to understand (and maybe even interesting) by combining a variety of study formats with contemporary examples from the real economy which highlight the discussion points that make up the core of macroeconomics today. But students must still be aware that macroeconomics (just like all other branches of social science) is a specialized subject that requires time and effort to learn.


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