Tour guide service

9,90 лв. вкл. ДДС

Автор: Мариана Янева
ISBN: 978-954-644-689-3
Издател: ИК – УНСС
Издадена: 04.11.2014
Брой страници: 196
Размер: 14,5 х 20,0 см.
Корица: Мекa
Език: Английски


The book applies a modern interpretation of generic knowledge base, providing a comprehensive picture of the tour guide service. It addresses the issues related to the creation, organization and implementation of tour guide service in the tourism business. Special attention is paid to the meaning and purpose of tour guiding as a stimulus for a tourist trip as a mediator in intercultural relations. The topics and discussions which are most interesting for the tou-rists regarding their cognitive trips mainly cultural and historical purposes are thoroughly researched.



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