Economics of intellectual products and property rights

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Автор:Даниел Данов
ISBN: 978-954-644-843-9
Издател: ИК – УНСС
Издадена: 13.04.2016 г.
Брой страници: 164
Размер: 20,5 х 14,5 см.
Корица: Мекa
Език: Английски


In the modern, dynamic world of new technology and new scientific fields, the reflection of all innovative processes in the economic activity is very important. It is very difficult to analyze and describe all the interactions in one manual. That is why, the purpose of the book is to segment and distinguish different impacts of the Intellectual products and their place in the contemporary economic study. The Intellectual product, as a generator of new consumer needs and one of the main tools for products and services differentiation, is the main subject of the presented manual.



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