An introduction to modern sociology

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Автор: Елка Тодорова
ISBN: 978-954-644-506-3
Издател: ИК – УНСС
Издадена: 01.10.2013 г.
Брой страници: 200
Размер:  24,0 х 17,0 см.
Корица: Мекa
Език: Български


The book introduces the reader into sociological knowledge and focuses on the classical sociological heritage with its key conceptual and methodological strands and its application in the contemporary reading of social phenomena and processes. The reader will learn about the development of sociology and the characteristics of the sociological perspective and sociological imagination. The book presents the achievements of the classical sociological thinkers and the contemporary sociological schools of thought interpreting social reality. The reader is made aware of the elements of society, as well as of its major research fields. These include social stratification and social mobility, social institutions, social deviation and social control. Interest is drawn to the analysis of the organization of the social life of individuals and groups, which is revealed by describing socialization, but also the causes of social deviation; stratification, social inequalities and intergroup conflicts, but also their resolution. Social institutions and the social changes that have occurred in them are illustrated by featuring current research. The book is intended for university students, who are interested in social sciences and particularly in the sociological interpretation of social processes.



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