Туристически дестинации

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Автор: Мариана Янева, Тодорка Тончева, Христина Бойчева
ISBN: 978-954-644-773-9
Издател: ИК – УНСС
Издадена: 07.07.2015 г.
Брой страници: 152
Размер: 20,5 х 14,5 см.
Корица: Мекa
Език: Български


The following course focuses on the basic aspects of the tourism destinations development, their characteristic features, specific development and management, as well as on their positioning and promoting. DMOs have particular significance in the terms of modern requirements to destination management, their models and management practices are essential for the development of tourism at the meso and macro level. Because the focus of the training course are the economic universities where tourism is studied, attention is not paid on highlighting the natural and anthropogenic resources of the destinations, but on the good practices in the management as a prerequisite for the development of tourism in the receptive tourist destinations. Tourism destinations are discussed through illustrative case studies and effective practical approaches for various facets of destination management, providing a comprehensive view to planners, policymakers, and destination managers who attempt to ensure a sustainable future for those communities, in an innovative way.



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