Естетизация на туристическата среда (на англ. ез.)

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Автор: Еленита Великова
ISBN: 978-954-644-688-6
Издател: ИК – УНСС
Издадена: 27.10.2014 г.
Брой страници: 208
Размер: 20,5 х 14,5 см.
Корица: Мекa
Език: Български


Aestheticization in tourism is used in different types of projects in all kinds of tourism objects like hotels, resorts, restaurants, sport and golf clubs, casinos, cruise ships and others. The designer’s role is especially important for the success of these projects. In his activities he will com-ply with the essence of the tourist, the functional require-ments of the object, the requirements of the standards for achieving a certain image (for example in the hotel chains), as well as with the budgetary and financial constraints. Aesthetic solutions in the tourism reflects the goals that the objects want to implement, such as combine financial and aesthetic criteria, necessary to achieve an attractive environment for the target segment. The aesthetics objects are the purpose of visit for the end user, thus they comply with the requirements of the two types of customers – the designer’s client and his customers.



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